New Mexico

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If Roe is weakened or overturned:

Abortion will remain accessible in New Mexico, but without legal protection. New Mexico courts have not determined whether the state constitution protects a right to abortion. 

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New Mexico law prohibits D&X procedures.1 In 2021, New Mexico repealed a requirement that a parent or legal guardian consent to a minor’s abortion.2

New Mexico’s targeted regulation of abortion providers (TRAP) laws include reporting requirements.3 Providers who violate New Mexico’s D&X ban may face criminal penalties.4 In 2021, New Mexico repealed the statute restricting the provision of surgical abortion care to licensed physicians;5 certified nurse practitioners are authorized to prescribe and dispense the medication abortion regimen due to a court decision.6


While the New Mexico Constitution contains an equal rights amendment (ERA),7 the state supreme court has not ruled that the state constitution or the ERA protects the right to abortion. New Mexico provides public funding for medically necessary abortions.8

Laws that could be enforced if Roe v. Wade is limited or overturned

In 2021, New Mexico repealed its pre-Roe ban.9


If Roe v. Wade is limited or overturned, abortion will likely remain accessible in New Mexico but without legal protection. 

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